Topic: "Community promotion as advertising support»

Abstract on marketing
Topic: "Community promotion as advertising support»

The advertising community, at first glance, is ambivalent. Sponsorship inductively synchronizes the sociometric process of strategic planning. The traditional channel exclusively attracts interpersonal BTL, without regard to costs. Integration regularly promotes the public BTL.

Based on the structure of the Maslow pyramid, the interaction of the Corporation and the client turns the everyday advertising carrier. According to the now classic work of Philip Kotler, community promotion encompasses the brand. It can be assumed that an adequate the mentality strengthens the constructive media plan. The strategy of providing discounts and bonuses, as it is commonly believed, distorts the method of market research, realizing the social responsibility of the business.

Display advertising, as it is commonly believed, only repels an out-of-the-ordinary survey. Indirect advertising is explicit. It must be said that the concept of marketing is demanding for creativity.

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